Friday, December 7

SAOL - 07-Dec-2012 Update

07-Dec-2012 Update

AISPA's secretary Mr. Ashok Bahirwani's ABA 1083/2012 which was heard in Hon. Bombay High Court today the matter has been adjourned to 17/12/2012 on the request of EOW.

As we all know that on the 5th some amendments were carried out in the prayer of the ABA and as per those amendments the Court has ordered that the applicant's (Ashok Bahirwani) interrogation by the IO to be video graphed.

On the second amendment the court has allowed Ashok Bahirwani to serve notice to the company to come to the court to clarify their stand and explain the business model to the court.

Both movements are very favorable. Please wait for the final detailed outcome. Thanks.